Kuldeep Nano

Hello visitor,

I am Kuldeep, currently a doctoral researcher in NANO group at Aalto University, Espoo (Finland), exploring physics phenomena at ultra low temperature (very near to absolute zero Kelvin).

Before joining my current  position here in Aalto University, I have worked as Junior Research Fellow in Nanoelectronics group at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (India) and before that I worked as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Dayanand College, Hisar (India).

I have started studying physics during my high school and continues to bachelor's and masters's degree as a major subject. But, I diverted towards research in this field at the end of my Master's degree (inspired by multiple events at the end of my Master's degree only)  and choose nano scale physics as my major research field.

My major interests are exploring stunning and unexplored phenomena of physics at nanoscale. I have worked on superconducting josephson diode effect in high temperature superconductors, SQUIDs, nanodevice fabrication, electronic transport measurements and currently working on nanodevice fabrication for exploring non-abelian anyon quasiparticle statistics. Learning new things and teaching to others, organising stuffs, exploring new places, culture, games and skills are my hobbies which cheers me up everytime.

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